I was born creative – and even as a small child I couldn’t wait to explore the world!


I love colour so it was inevitable I would use my creative genes in painting. Standing at my easel one day as I happily spread glorious colour across the sun drenched lady on my canvas I began to hear a voice nagging in my ear. I chose to ignore it at first, but would it accept my rudeness? No!


“You have books inside you, you need to do something about it”, said the voice.


“Oh no”, said I, “I’m an artist, I don’t write books!”



Yet, after some time of wondering what I should do about the constant heavenly flea in my ear, there I was, putting pen to paper, astounded at the words flowing from me – just as colour had always flowed through my brushes to create pictures from who knew where!


Trendy clothes and make-up, movies and rock concerts – I knew nothing of these in my small town in the Australian Outback, hundreds of miles from any other.  A land of huge sheep stations with miles and miles of dust and dry scrub between each one, it claimed most of my teenage years! With neither television nor technology to distract me it was natural that nature would feature. With only the basics of shops, mostly for food or station supplies, no library or, in fact, a high school, where else would I spend my time but in the great outdoors!


The Outback could seem vast and empty to an inexperienced eye, it is not! It is alive with an ancient energy, comfortable within itself. Its rich earthy colour palette can take your breath away, and the skies go on forever.


Summers are gruelling there, and the winter nights freezing. Red dust storms batter their way into the house, piling up in the cupboards and corners, clinging to the curtains and even invading the beds! Cleaning up used to take hours! Sounds awful – but back in those days, at least, it was unspoilt and insulated by its remoteness against the surge of technology sweeping through more populated areas.


I didn’t see it then, yet I suppose living in that environment was a rare education. It allowed me to absorb an essence and energy of nature not easily found in more densely packed areas, where there is so much of the imprint of the modern world to distract us.


Creating gardens – the kind that hit you in the heart and lift your spirit, is a joy for me. When the full force of nature envelops me in such a garden my energy lifts and I feel lighter, peaceful, more at home within myself. I inherited my mother’s love of growing things! She knew innately that physically touching the soil and the plants was a way to peace, healing and contentment. Her long life was not easy but she made the garden her “go to” place and even in the hottest of summers managed to grow something green and vibrant.

I was eager to escape to the city as a teenager though! Sydney was exciting, and I was free – and 18 years old! I dived into every new experience that came at me, and quickly realised how much I had still to learn! I was way behind my peers in maturity and sophistication. What I did have though, was a deep connection to nature, its energy and its wisdom and although I hardly realised it then, as I’ve matured I’ve come to appreciate the gift I was given. I want to share  that gift.


Through my travels I learned that lives are enriched wherever wisdom is permitted to enter. I saw too that success, happiness and love were things I could pluck out of the Universe if I knew the tools to use. I set out to find those tools and of course, the travels I have taken within myself have been the most rewarding (sometimes terrifying), and exciting of all!


Lately I’ve learned there is always tomorrow and I am not invincible! A lifelong habit of striving to fit five days into three ultimately lead to cancer and a heart attack in fast succession. Oh yes, I chose to ignore the first warning the Universe sent me so it sent another bolt of lightning! I decided not to wait for a third warning, so, reluctantly at first, (well, kicking and screaming, to be truthful) I adjusted my pace!


My surrender has not come easily. Adrenalin is addictive and exciting, but in slowing myself down, in allowing time, I am finally beginning to admit there is more to see and experience when I give myself permission to look sideways! It is a work in progress!


In recent years I’ve come to realise what we as a race have lost somewhere within the fabulous modern world we’ve created.


Universally, energy is something most people want more of yet what it is, where to get it and how to use it seems unfathomable to so many.


I see us all, quite simply, as a product of nature. We are not machine-made or computerised beings. We humans all began our journey in and through the process of nature – we are of nature and it is our natural source of energy – yet we are losing our inbuilt, innate knowledge of how to access that energy and use it as the fuel designed to drive us.



I want to help others regain that knowledge.


When I write, my knowing speaks to me constantly of the importance of sharing my thoughts, wisdoms, and for me, sometimes surprising energy experiences with those who feel they could/should be happier than they currently are. We all want to live the life of our dreams, to be loved and have someone we love walking beside us. Living with energy, as nature intended for us, can help us breathe life into our dreams.


I do believe that when we lift our energy we come into balance, and when we are in balance our world turns as it should, evenly, at the right pace, and in beautiful harmony with all around us.