The forever tree

We all want the absolute best for our kids, don’t we? Of course – every parent does! One radiant smile from those innocent little darlings means the world to any parent. We can’t help but want them to have the best life we can give them, and to want them to be happy in whatever they do.


Growing up is not for the faint-hearted. It’s simply good parenting to teach them the tools that will enable them to be decisive, confident and trusting of themselves so they can be their best on their life journey. We want them to make right decisions, not regretful decisions.


In writing The Forever Tree I wanted to tap into the magical sense of make believe and wonder that all children are blessed with. They are incredibly open to truth and possibility and they trust us to lead them forward, thus making parenting a huge responsibility! When they are lovingly given positive mind training from an early age they are so much better equipped to carve out a happy and fulfilling life for themselves, and positive thinking becomes a natural part of who they are.


The Forever Tree is a delightful story designed to give your child an experience in what positive thinking can achieve. I believe it is never too early to begin shaping a child’s mind. When children learn to believe in themselves at an early age they cope much easier with all the challenges that are thrown at them as they go through school, forming friendships and relationships, making decisions about who they will be and how they will handle what life throws at them.

Children who have a strong connection with nature are generally more grounded, happy and confident. They will also be more active and sure of themselves in sport, education and play. The Forever Tree is a magical book, a read again story children never tire of simply because it teaches them that through positive thinking they CAN make their dreams come true and every child wants to know this is possible!


Children LOVE to be read a bedtime story. Not only do they get to prolong the moment of going to sleep, they get undivided attention from you, their parents, the people they love most in the world. They will always regard the books you read to them as “special” books, their favourites, not just because of the story, but because they represent precious Mummy and/or Daddy time.


And in choosing meaningful stories for them to sleep on you are instilling wisdom and knowledge into their incredibly receptive and searching minds at the time they are most able to absorb them.



they will never tire of it!

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