The 21st century is an exciting time to be in the world!


We are learning to move faster, work smarter, and harder, to earn more and own more, and as we tread that path we also want to find happiness, and love, yet the more we want, the harder it is to keep up with life – to keep moving.


Who doesn’t sometimes (often?) feel they can’t keep up with the demand to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade that comes at us from all directions – advertising, our peers, friends and family and of course, ourselves!


And we get tired, because trying to keep up makes us tired.


I meet so many people in need of help. I see the stress in their faces, and how they talk to those they love– and I feel their tiredness in the way they move.


I wrote “Need More Energy” for those who are looking, not for pills or other man-made cures, but a simple natural way to help alleviate exhaustion, stress, worry or depression and a constant feeling that life should be better than it is. Finding more energy isn’t hard, you just need to know how to find it – and where to look, and that is something that has been largely forgotten through the modernisation of our world.

“Need More Energy?” is about introducing simple habits into your life to help you create more energy. Technology is growing almost faster than most people can keep up with, so it makes sense to find ways to offset the stress and strain that for many may go hand in hand with that growth.


The techniques and experiences suggested in my book are ones you should enjoy. They are easy, will take very little of your time, yet will show you how you can create more energy every day. If you are willing to be disciplined enough to follow these suggestions regularly you could find them life changing!



Often it is the simplest thing that is the key to the hardest problem!


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