Cats – the Energy Experts!


Have you ever noticed how cats are drawn to certain energies –

how they seem very particular about the places they inhabit?

Have you ever wondered why it is that a cat will sit happily on one person’s lap

and purr loudly, yet absolutely refuse to go near another?



Why is that, you ask? Well, cats understand how energy works, and they know how to use it to their best advantage. Who hasn’t been stared down by the family cat when you’ve disturbed their sleep, (the look that could sink a thousand ships) or been meowed into submission when they want some of the salmon you’ve been so looking forward to for lunch (yes, well, I won’t let up so you might as well stop wasting my time and give it to me now).

Our neighbours have a very handsome cat who includes our old garden as part of his territory. He has a perfectly lovely new garden at his own house, one that is maturing into a showplace with the meticulous attention of its owners. So why then, does he feel he should include our place as part of his domain? What is he looking to add to his life that we can supply?

Energy – all cats love it and will actively seek it out.

Cats are naturally drawn to the permanence and personality of a garden that’s evolved and grown over many years. They have their own territorial rules and don’t adhere to our human boundaries. Claiming their own territory means many property lines may be traversed, but our boundaries don’t concern them and they certainly don’t believe they need OUR permission to enter.

 So, it is impossible to deny him entrance to our old rambling collection of bushes, shrubs, trees, and all that goes to make up an outdoor paradise for cats – and dogs. Oh, and yes, children too. To be honest, we feel it an honour that he chooses to visit us, and we smile at the majestic sway of his tail as he sashays regally through “his” estate.

They say good things take time. Older gardens can draw us in to their quiet hush. We tend to relax in these places, wooed by the peace and the power we feel from older trees, trees that have seen lifetimes pass beneath them. Who hasn’t spent time wandering a park, a forest or an older garden where the trees stand as monuments to time, gently waving in the breeze as they stand guard over everything beneath them. It can be somewhat like a time capsule, can’t it, where the atmosphere surrounds you gently, but with strength, and you feel your body begin to let go it’s tightness. Drawing energy from the earth below, the trees and everything beneath them radiate it outwards, and this is what felines everywhere will actively and knowingly seek out to top up their energy tanks.

Cats, you could say, are energy junkies.

Often, especially on a warm summery day, we will spy our handsome neighbour sitting atop our fence or purposefully striding along a path as he surveys his domain, sneering at our dog who wishes his legs could have been much longer than those God chose to give him. If he thinks we mere humans have spotted him, the cat will sidle past the doorways and gates and slink off into the bushes with a “pretend you can’t see me” air.





He doesn’t want

our friendship,

and he’s certainly not interested in

our attention.

Oh no, all he wants is our garden!







Over time our shrubs have grown taller and bushed out, creating little caves of space where animals and birds can burrow, their seeds and flowers providing food. Birds nest in the wisteria and the olive trees, rabbits dine on a multitude of fruits, vegetables and “greens” and our resident blue tongue lizard polishes off any tomatoes he can reach to go with his daily salad. Our dog sleeps in his basket and our handsome feline neighbour?


Why, he sleeps wherever he feels the energy is to his liking!


Cats will always seek out the best place, the warmest lap, the person whose energy they most like. When they disapprove of something, such as the titbit you mistakenly thought they might enjoy, they let you know you’ve not met their expectations with crushing aloofness and disdain. If you are the proud owner of a bossy bundle of fur, you know how it works.

And no matter how much you may want a cat to sit on your lap or come to you, it will make its own decision – choosing whoever has the energy it feels most comfortable with. Let’s face it, what we want is mostly immaterial to these amazing, mysterious and beautiful creatures.

Frustrating? Yes, but then we could all learn from our feline friends when it comes to choosing to fill our lives with the highest energies possible! They don’t settle for less – and nor should we!

Look around you and ask yourself if you’re doing the very best to make your own life and lifestyle all it could be. What changes could you make – how would you like each day to be and how would you like to change your surroundings, so they reflect back to you the best energy possible.

Think of something in your life, no matter how small, that you could change, each day, to make you feel happier, more fulfilled, positive and hopeful, and start to make those changes. It may be something as simple as getting up 15 minutes earlier each day, so you don’t run out the door stressed because you’re late, or tidying up before you go to bed so you don’t wake up to a minefield of last night’s energy!

Remember, size doesn’t matter – intention does!

You’re worth it!





PS: If you’d like to share any of your experiences with cats and their antics, we’d love to read them. Pets can be hilarious, frustrating, rewarding and sometimes downright ornery – but most of us wouldn’t be without one or two, would we?


  • Cathie

    March 8, 2019 at 12:52 pm Reply

    What a charming read! Oh yes, the cats in our lives have often demanded that routines be at a certain time of day, a time to their liking – but they give so much in the expression of pleasure, which just makes it all worth it. Our short haired Persian, Frank, was quite chubby and certainly not the fastest cat in town. He’d mainly sit and gaze in the garden, and was never interested in the amount of effort required to catch any wildlife. We’d been happy about that – until one day, Frank came through the cat flap into the lounge – he dropped something from his mouth onto the floor. Concerned for the native wildlife in our garden and very surprised, I thought: “Oh no, he’s caught something!” I walked over and looked down to find that he’d managed to catch a snail. For a moment he looked up at me proudly, eyes wide open with tail in the air. Clearly he was the master of the household and the garden, and our hearts.

    • Zee Dammerel

      March 13, 2019 at 2:58 am Reply

      Ha ha! Lovely story! Cats certainly know how to worm (or in Frank’s case, slime), their way into our hearts, don’t they. Your story did remind me of my son at around 9 months who once did the same thing. He crawled in from the garden and I could see he had something in his mouth. Yes, a huge snail, slimy and probably somewhat bewildered – it took quite a bit of manoeuvering to remove it! XX Zee

  • Alison Shields

    March 10, 2019 at 10:56 pm Reply

    Something you didn’t mention was how cats like to conserve their energy.! Ours can show bursts of manic speed and energy but spends a lot of time working up to it with a long nap!
    An interesting blog. Thank you.

    • Zee Dammerel

      March 13, 2019 at 2:48 am Reply

      Thanks Alison for your comment. I think I saw once that research shows cats spend something like 22 hours per day sleeping – it’s no wonder that when they actually decide to start their motor up it runs like it was newly born!! I wonder how we humans would perform on these statistics – or would we bore ourselves silly? Cheers, Zee

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