The Best Gift Is You!

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite a while since I touched down on my blog page. I’ve missed you but I promise you – I’ve been busy writing! I’m looking forward to getting back on track with you.

“You CAN Have It All” –

Lift Your Energy, Lose Your Stress and Love Your Life!

The title (above) took some time to come up with but surprisingly, the moment I signed off on the manuscript the words tumbled into my head – amazing how the Universe supports us! Right now, it is in the beginning stages of being published. I’m waiting for the first samples of book cover design and the first edit run for perusal. Can’t get much more exciting than that, can it!

“You CAN Have It All” is designed to be an easy and enlightening read for those who want more from their lives than being tired all the time. There are so many people these days who carry the despairing weight of feeling that they will never see their dreams come true. The fast pace of life in the 21st century, where technology can tend to take over our life and drive so much of every day is causing angst, depression and illness, worldwide. I wanted to create a guide that could assist people to enjoy technology without the accompanying negative outcomes that can arise from a surfeit of a good thing! My book is about finding balance, decreasing stress and lifting energy levels. It is about making the most of every day versus slamming the alarm off and pulling the covers over your head, wanting only to disappear.

I’m hugely grateful for all the angels, (and yes, you do know who you are), who assisted, guided and encouraged me in large and small ways, ad infinitum. I will never forget your generosity! You helped with suggestions, copy reading, re-reading, editing, re-reading again, and helpful criticisms. I wasn’t too good at receiving criticisms at first, but let me tell you, practise does make perfect!! Let me also acknowledge the coffee, occasional wine, and all-important laughter that fuelled me whenever my tank threatened to run dry!

Which brings me to the topic of this post.

 “Cause, you got to have friends!”

(Thanks Bette Midler)

Now what would we do without that “Yoo Hoo – anyone home”? What would we do without the phone call that promises, “I’ll only be a minute”, and an hour later we’re still talking?

Friends fill up the empty spaces in our lives. They are the padding, the cushioning, the balance, and the sounding board for all our queries and inquietudes. They will accept the sometimes fanciful, or downright incorrect thoughts and opinions that germinate in our fertile minds and in the most honest way possible will give us the lowdown on what they really think, versus what we’d like them to say!

 Good friends return our laughter and love tenfold. Our bruised hearts are safe with them, soothed with soft words of kindness until we can bear to venture out and tilt at the world again. In equal measure, a true friend will kick our butt with true honesty, challenging us out from under the weight of our sorrow, loss, our abject inadequacy, disappointment and even our anger. That friend will give us courage to move forward once more, even as we are convincing ourselves we will never move nor trust, again.

Think of the friends you have. How long have they been in your life? It seems some come in, and quickly go, yet others seem so much a part of the fabric of your every day that a life without them is unimaginable.

I do believe friends come in and stay with us for as long as we need them and they need us – and most importantly, for as long as there is an exchange of energy. It is sometimes difficult to lose them, but have you noticed that we never really lose our friends. I guess we can be very grateful for technology. No-one is ever very far away anymore, unless they choose to be!

With some, there is a strong connection that keeps us joined, no matter where we are. I’m blessed to have several friends like that – friends who will start to talk almost where they left off two, or three or even 10 years ago, and the quality of the connection to each other never diminishes through distance or time. I treasure those friendships.

So, let’s always value our friends, new or old, as precious gifts! They are the glue that holds our world together, the fabric on which we chart our journey, the trusted sounding board that allows us freedom to vent our feelings, as well as announce our wins, and the constant thread of loving acceptance that sweetens our lives. It is too easy to get caught up in the tangle of life and take for granted those who walk beside us.

Again, I thank you all for your support this past year.

AS THEY SAY – “I couldn’t have done it without you!”


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