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Covid-19 burst into our world and turned it upside down! Who could have thought this would happen, ever, let alone in our lifetime?

Yet, within the heartache and the loss, (and yes, the fear), we are seeing little bursts of goodness. There are miles to go, yet wisdom and tolerance spring from these new pathways we tread. Learning to live and cope in a new world expunges old habits and comforts, affording opportunities for change.

Since our world is in urgent need of change, let’s make the transformation positive!

Will families learn to live more simply, becoming closer and demanding less? Can we decide to reduce our emphasis on possessions in favour of the heartfelt rewards that come from experiences shared with those we love – a family walk, a board game, making cookies together? I hope so. There are opportunities here for us, and our children, to appreciate the smaller jewels of life, rather than constantly seeking the fanfare outward distractions we have come to rely on to tickle our happy spot.

Covid-19 is a horrendous and hard-hitting reminder that our world must change. Politicians must stop denying climate change, and we must stop allowing them that denial. In short, we must own it for ourselves, each one of us, and ask, what can we do? The isolation process has offered us opportunities that may prove breeding grounds for better, healthier lifestyles. Since we can’t and shouldn’t want to go back, we must find positive ways forward to inspire and allow healing and contribution, if we are to heal our global home.

This world pandemic is, to a point, a gift, but a dire warning also as we ask ourselves “what next, what needs to change so this never happens again?

What is the message we need to get?”

Let’s leave out the fear! Instead, let’s look meaningfully at what is placed before us, and take the positives from the enforced stoppage. Resilience, utter selflessness and sacrifice walk hand in hand with creativity, kindness and generosity on this journey. Yes, there are elements of self-centredness and blatant disregard for others afoot here also, yet let us all hold that time spent in this capsule of change might serve to awaken the laggards to the reality facing us all – the reality that

unless there is change, the hurt will not go away!

Stay well, stay inspired and generous, and spend time when you can in Nature – it is the greatest healer of all, and available 24/7! Regard this isolation time as an opportunity to re-invent, regenerate and rethink how we want our world to be, post Covid-19.


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