Finding Balance in Our Modern World

We live in an enriching time of growth and change upon a planet that is in itself extraordinary! How hugely fortunate are we to be here at this moment in time!

It is awesome to have access to all that technology brings to our table. We experience life in ways our forefathers could not even have imagined, yet there is much we could be doing to ensure we continue to gain the most we can from our modern lifestyles.

The growth of technology is happening at lightning speed and as a result of these fast changes our bodies are beginning to struggle to keep up. We are developing major symptoms of stress, exhaustion, ill health and discontent, worldwide. Striving to maintain lifestyles that are influenced and driven hugely by technology, we are losing our connection to the natural source of our own energy. Many of us live unbalanced lives by making technology the master, the driving force and not allowing time for the needs of our own bodies, minds and emotions.

Too often we are tired because, just like a motor vehicle, our tank is not being topped up by the fuel we are designed to function on, and we are so often running on empty.

We are a part of nature – every one of us! When we immerse ourselves solely in technology we remove ourselves from nature’s energy. With no regular connection to our own natural source of energy, we find our power, our inner knowing and strength, begins to drop lower and lower, until we start to feel exhausted, stressed and unable to cope with what is thrown at us, every day.

Think of a plant in the ground, blooming, healthy, drawing energy and sustenance from the earth until one day it is pulled out of the ground, the connection to its source severed. In no time it wilts and dies without earth’s energy pumping through it. As natural beings, each one of us is a part of nature. When we compromise our own daily connections to it we also struggle, and wilt, and whilst technology can prop us up with a false sense of excitement, no amount of technology will fix the problem. For all of us, finding balance in our modern world is incredibly important if we are to enjoy our time on the planet!

My aim is to assist you to see just how easy it can be to achieve a balance that can make you feel alive, and energetic, with clear thinking that supports you to live well, every day and get the most out of all that technology has to offer. I am looking forward to showing you ways to make the small changes of habit and thought needed to begin to live a balanced life – a life that allows you to laugh more, love more and find yourself more in tune with who and how you want to be!

To get you started I am offering you a free download of my mini ebook “Feeling Tired, Worn Out and Wasted?” This ebook is designed to give you tips on how to lift your energy quickly, when you really need that lift. Use these tips as bandaids for when you are feeling exhausted. They are not a long-term fix and they will not give you long-term energy, but they may get you out of a tough spot and give you a breather along the way.


PS: If you know someone who could benefit from this blog, please be a good friend and share it with them! You never know when the right word can hit the right spot – and make a difference!


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  • Kerry Galea

    September 17, 2018 at 9:32 pm Reply

    Good morning and thank you…. so true … we connect so much better in nature!

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