Dreams Can Come True!


We can spend an awful lot of time and energy wishing for things, all sorts of things – but how do we attract them?

I was brought up to believe that you have to work for what you want, and that sounds sensible, but is it the answer?

Perhaps not!

If all that was needed to create everything we want is to work for it, then all the hard workers should be smiling like Cheshire cats, but are they? Some maybe, but probably not too many of the world’s hard workers would feel they had attained everything they had dreamed of having in their lifetime.

Of course, some may tell themselves they are happy with what they have accumulated and experienced, but what of those who feel a gap, a gap which nags and gnaws away at them, undermining their attempts to feel satisfaction and contentment?

Working hard can be one way to walk the path to riches but there is no guarantee at the end of our working life that we will live in a mansion, drive a dream car and travel the world. How many people do you know who have retired after a life of hard work, yet still have not fulfilled their dreams?

When we spend our energy wishing or dreaming about what we want we are a long way from having our desires fulfilled. Why? Well, wishes and dreams are just that – mercurial things that live in our imaginations and emotional “wants” and more importantly, they live in the future! We are placing those things we so desperately want into the future, and that is where they will stay unless we adjust our thinking.

To achieve what we are wanting we need to bring it into the present – it may not have physical form but unless we hold what we desire in the present it will always be “later on”. In a future time frame we are unable to give it our energy – only our thoughts! It will sit in the future, unable to take form, thus causing us to feel frustrated, even a failure, for never having achieved our dreams.

It takes willpower and imagination to hold our dreams in the present – to tell ourselves that we are driving a fabulous car, that we are living in the house we always wanted and that we are financially independent, healthy, loved and successful – but that is what we must do!

Only when we hold what we desire in the present time will it have a chance to take form in our present world. This does not mean we will wake up tomorrow in our dream home and drive our dream car to our dream job, but at least we are placing our desire into the present moment where it has a chance to take form.

Try it! Begin placing yourself inside your dreams, imagining you are already there. It will feel strange and maybe a little ridiculous at first but after a while you may find yourself viewing life just a little differently, more solidly, and that change in your energy may start to create change on a physical level for you. Change most often comes so subtly that we do not even notice it until one day when we notice things are different, life is a little better and we are a little happier.

We all have dreams, but strangely enough, when we believe in our dreams

they very often come true!

Life can be anything we want it to be. I guess it is all about believing we can create what we want. It is simply up to us to believe in ourselves!

Happy creating!


  • Fleur Wheeler

    September 29, 2018 at 3:19 am Reply

    Great Blog, Zee!
    Yes, I agree up to a point. The dreams you mention are all about achieving material things. House, car, financial independence, success. these are all things achievable through hard work, dedication and persistance. Believing in yourself. Yes, I can do this!
    At my age, those things are now not so important anymore. I still dream ofcourse, but my dreams hold loved ones, some lost!
    I tend to live in the moment, enjoy sunshine, the garden, growing things, friends. I work hard at keeping healthy and am thankful every day when I wake up. I decide whether it’s going to be a good day or not. I get lost focussing on my creative activities. All this keeps me happy! Fleur

    • Zee Dammerel

      September 29, 2018 at 7:07 am Reply

      Well said Fleur, and you are a glowing example of a life well lived. As we age we become wiser about what is important, but perhaps that wisdom only arrives because we have learned through time that the material things have less value than the inner riches!

  • Jill Moor

    October 1, 2018 at 1:46 am Reply

    Beautiful Zee and quite timely for us at the present time. Material things are what we dream of in younger life and when times are good, but just now, when faced with physical challenges, our focus has changed and so to our dreams. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have dreams, because we should. Without dreams and aspirations, our lives become staid, rigid and colourless, sooooo my theory is …. Dream on!!!

    • Zee Dammerel

      October 4, 2018 at 7:38 am Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Jill – I’d like to think we can believe in our dreams. I think sometimes our dreams come to fruition because we put more than just wishing into them – we put belief, which takes the dream out of the fantasy realm, and perhaps that is the impetus needed to bring it to reality.So yes, dream on…..and see what you create! After all, as we mature (like that word?) it isn’t the material world that is important, there are so many riches to be found in other realms!

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